Coaches Corner

Have fun, don’t get upset in front of your players.
As a manager you are responsible for keeping Coaches, Players and Parents under control at all times. Thank you for keeping the game fun!

Download (PDF, 9KB)

Waivers must be received before any player can step onto the field.

Download (PDF, 79KB)

Fill out this game log for each game and have available at all times for review by tournament officials or opposing coaches. If you do not have this completed, you may not be able to play.

Download (PDF, 84KB)

Please use this official announcer form and submit your lineup to the announcer at least 15 minutes before gametime.

Download (PDF, 324KB)

Please keep this game worksheet filled out with your pitching as the game progresses.
At the end of the game meet with the opposing coach and have them sign it.
Drop off at the announcers table or text a photo to the Tournament Official.

Download (PDF, 148KB)

Use this pitch count log to keep track of pitches during the game.

Download (PDF, 87KB)